Lisa Saldana 

Life Coach

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach in training

Licensed Therapist (CA)

My background

 Lisa Saldana is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Lisa has a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Child Studies. Lisa has over 10 years of experience working with individuals in varies setting such as foster care, schools, private practice, teleheath and conducting mental health assessments.  Her areas of expertise include anxiety, depression, parenting, self- esteem, relationship issues, coping skills and behavioral issues. Lisa uses many different modalities tailored to each client. Some of these include using a psychodynamic approach, CBT therapy, mindful meditation and solution focused therapy. Lisa uses emapthy and understanding to connect with each individual to determine strengths and goals. Lisa is committed to helping individuals work through their struggles, gain clarity and gather coping skills to help them succeed. 

California License #49757